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My experience with Bible Quiz was truly miraculous. I went to the informationmeeting on a whim, standing at the bottom of the stairs deciding if I should go toservice or this other ‘thing’, whatever it is…“Meh, I’ll check it out.” One of the biggestlife-altering experiences based off a “meh” feeling; the exact opposite way I feel andremember Bible Quiz today. That practice room held for me a best friend, a life-changingbook, and a family of friends.I never would have even guessed that I would have bonded with some of myfavorite people over a meticulous and nuanced form of jeopardy. I mean, come on! I playbasketball and was cool! I can’t be friends with…with…nerds! But I did. And JP remainsone of my best friends to this day.


Sunday School. My mind fills with scattered and disconnected memories as I lookback on that childhood experience. Yet a few items stick out. I always remember lovingto hear about the Bible–not in a tell-me-more-about-Jesus-being-my-Shepard sort of waybut in this-book-has-got-awesome-stories-and-hidden-meanings sort of way. So when Iwent into Bible Quiz my interest in the Bible as both a text of literature and spiritualitywas inflamed. Rather than spending time on World of War Craft or any other videogame, God caught me before that wave crested and sent me surfing and on a real wave.


The miraculous part about the family of friends is the sandwich dressing. Miraclewhip vs Mayonnaise. This constant contention is only scratches the surface of thehundreds of hours spent together. And that’s just it. I remember practice almost beinga drag because I just wanted to hang out with these people-why did JP have to studyso much?! We laughed, we worried, and we prayed. We did it all together and everymoment still makes me smile.


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