Mikayla Irl, 12th grade, 2nd Chair

A misfit amongst misfits, Mikayla’s broken family and public schooling are just some of the things that mark her as an outsider. Now taking Chris’s place she has a lot to live up to. Looking for belonging and hoping JP will think of her as more than just a teammate, Mikayla wants to prove that she has what it takes to win.

JP O’Connor, 12th grade, Captain

Quiz pro? Check. Top nationals placer? Check. Killer smile? Double check. As last year’s 2nd place title holder, JP is both a contender for the championship and every Christian girl’s heart throb.  But  now in his final year, he has only one thing on his mind: winning.

Brandon Duffy, Cedar Park Captain


In Bible Quiz, chess and ladies, JP and Brandon are each other’s biggest competition. This year every match is neck to neck, each defeat spurring the next victory. He is the team captain of Cedar Park, Life Center’s biggest rivals.

Christopher Teeny, Life Center Former Quizzer & JP’s best friend

This friendly guy was last year’s second chair and is JP’s best friend.  Now that he has graduated from high school and is ineligible, he has recruited Mikayla to take his place. Chris provides the comedy but also spiritual fellowship to the team, making sure everyone feels included. (He is also the brother of the filmmaker, Nicole Teeny.)


Rachel Holley, 7th grade, 3rd Chair


There’s a lot to learn as the newbie, but Rachel is up for the challenge. She’s studying hard and already has it all memorized!Nationals marks a lot of firsts for her—starting with her arrival to Green Bay. She gets her first whiff of local life at the city’s 4th of July celebration—and it smells like sin. How will she react?